Fees & payback

Fees & payback 2020-05-22T08:50:38+10:00

Revenue Gain.

Revenue gain return to clients in the first two years is usually in the range of   300-500%   compared to their investment in SMO Sydney’s services.

Professional fee structures are developed with our clients based on the project’s agreed deliverables, scope-of-work and required resourcing.

This collaborative process of setting professional fees reinforces the value of agreed deliverables we create and transfer to customers.

That way, price is not an issue…it is the value that becomes an advantage for our clients.

SMO Services

I’m pleased to advise our portfolio of services. Click through the following links below for more info

1. growth project leadership to drive revenue and profit

2. best-practice marketing communications governance to mitigate risks http://smosydney.com.au/category/governance/

3. keynote presentations to deliver insight for emerging leaders

4. strategic diagnoses to regain your market momentum

5. mentoring to reduce ambiguity in challenging circumstances

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