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Best-practice planning delivers strategic clarity . This is critical at every  planning  level.

Strategic clarity means you have achieved market understandings; such that you have a cut-through sustainable and defensible competitive opportunity upon which to attract and keep customers profitably.

Strategic  clarity is delivered from ambiguous complexity when best-practice analyses, process rigor and industry experience is applied to a defined strategic challenge.

Typically, this results in the development of a business or a brand’s value proposition that clarifies the product or service’s differentiation and position against its direct competitors. It is key to understand the opportunities by market segment; because strategic planning may differ from segment to segment. Thus value propositions by segment will be different; perhaps complementary, but different.

The test of the validity and strength of the proposed value proposition is easily verified and reinforced through focus group testing.

What plan heirarchies do you need?

A corporate plan at group level  drives asset utilisation

The strategic plan at the business unit (SBU) level  drives growth

A business plan at the SBU level  drives operations

A marketing plan at the SBU level  drives profitable market share

Sales plans at the SBU level  drives client share-of-wallet

Core components in the planning processes are:

  • Analysing the market environment
  • Gaining  market and customer insight
  • Understanding buyer purchase process preferences
  • Developing a  marketing strategy to create value for customers
  • Creating the value propositions for each segment
  • Brand development and positioning
  • Managing the product and service portfolio
  • Pricing positioning
  • Distribution strategy
  • Promotional positioning
  • Selling strategy and resourcing
  • Budgeting
  • Implementation programmes and KPI’s
  • Communicating the intent and engaging stakeholders.

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