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Media release: September 2015

SMO Sydney forms new team of expert associates to create value for its clients.

SMO Sydney and its team of associates have proven capability to implement and manage complex strategic and operational projects.

This teaming approach adds value for our clients  when and where their resources are fully committed to other operational priorities.

For example, we have become members of our client’s lead teams. We have acted as strategic project leaders; with significant teams from our client’s organisations reporting to us. And, we have acted independently for clients in the marketplace on various strategic initiatives.

The bottom line is that we have the capability to implement with you and for you; particularly when your capability is not in-house, not available or over-stretched.

Implementation capability covers:

◊     Strategy initiatives over three horizons

◊     M&A, MBO and MBI pre-transaction discovery

◊     Legal advisory and dispute resolution

◊     Training and coaching performance

◊     Governance performance improvement

◊     Marketing services

◊     Market research at trade and consumer level

◊     Organisational re-alignment

◊     Supply-chain strengthening

◊     Public relations and internal communications programmes

◊     In-market frontline staff capability development