Marketing knowledge gaps?

Marketing knowledge gaps?

We all have gaps in our marketing process knowledge.  For example:

  • What are the options around pricing to create value for us and our customers?
  • What’s the optimal social media mix for our business?
  • How can we better design our route-to-market and channel strategy to gain competitive advantage?
  • How do you build a better value proposition to attract and keep new customers?

And more.

NOW, you can QUICKLY  fill those gaps through  a few one-on-one sessions with Pete Jeans; highly experienced marketer and business leader with years of  facilitating, lecturing and tutoring for managers across a very wide and deep spectrum of industry sectors.

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About the Author:

Pete Jeans delivers difficult and complex growth project leadership. Pete has extensive mission-critical strategic project leadership and advisory experience in the corporate and public sectors; and is also a Facilitator in Marketing at the AIM MBA Business School and is also a sessional lecturer in Leadership, Asia Pacific Business, HR Management as well as Project Management and other key subjects at Charles Sturt University.