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Cost of my strategic project ?

Projects are scoped on your objectives, required deliverables, timeframes and deadlines. The answer to frequently asked questions around price is that it will be  significantly lower than others; because SMO Sydney’s time and leading expertise are based on  a lower cost business model; and market-competitive fee rates to get and keep your current and future business. In other words, our value for you is much much better.

That creates value for you immediately.

How long will my project take to deliver?

Subject to unforseen circumstances, when we agree a deadline, we deliver on time.

What about travel expenses?

Project travel expenses are invoiced to you at SMO Sydney’s cost. No additional on-costs apply.

What about project administrative costs?

Agreed project administrative major costs ( Eg: significant copying, STD and international phone calls; scanning, binding or similar costs ) can be borne by you; or invoiced to you at SMO Sydney’s cost. No additional on-costs apply.

Minor administrative costs are SMO Sydney’s responsibility.

How does your team (including associate members) work effectively to deliver my project?

Chief Operating Officer, Pete Jeans is the lead on all client projects and reports to you.

Team members report to him. This approach ensure clear reporting lines, team accountability and project success for you.

Who owns the intellectual property discovered in my project?

You do. Our agreement will specify that.

Will a confidentiality agreement be necessary between both our organisations?

Yes. We have a standard confidentiality agreement which we can use.

What happens if a direct competitor of yours approaches SMO Sydney to undertake a future project?

We would decline that opportunity.

 Contact Pete Jeans, Chief Operating Officer here