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About Pete Jeans. Founder at SMO

Pete Jeans delivers difficult and complex growth project leadership. Pete has extensive mission-critical strategic project leadership and advisory experience in the corporate and public sectors; and is also a Facilitator in Marketing at the AIM MBA Business School and is also a sessional lecturer in Leadership, Asia Pacific Business, HR Management as well as Project Management and other key subjects at Charles Sturt University.

Drivers for transformation

Review what other senior leaders say about drivers for business transformation. Lead indicators for your business’s future are key. Do your metrics cover today and how you visualise the shape of your success going forward?

Read more. Click through this link to CEO Magazine’s  latest article by Pete Jeans

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Marketing knowledge gaps?

We all have gaps in our marketing process knowledge.  For example:

  • What are the options around pricing to create value for us and our customers?
  • What’s the optimal social media mix for our business?
  • How can we better design our route-to-market and channel strategy to gain competitive advantage?
  • How do you build a better value proposition to attract and keep new customers?

And more.

NOW, you can QUICKLY  fill those gaps through  a few one-on-one sessions with Pete Jeans; highly experienced marketer and business leader with years of  facilitating, lecturing and tutoring for managers across a very wide and deep spectrum of industry sectors.

Contact him here

It’s not expensive AND it’s QUICK AND EFFECTIVE!

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Go Deeper than Competitors

Go Deeper than Your Competitors in stagnant market conditions

Written for CEO Magazine. August 2016. Click through the  yellow link below

Go Deeper than Your Competitors

What can you do to build business intimacy with your current and future customers in stagnant market conditions?

The major challenge, in my view, is how to win and sustain the prize of higher profit ratios, clear market leadership and greater share of customers’ wallets when demand conditions are unambiguously stagnant at low growth levels.

Refresh your view

You must start with a refreshed view of the racetrack, the market climate and headwinds, your own fitness, the competitors’ strengths and weaknesses, the landscape through to the finish line and the prize.

That will demand a renewed focus on switching customer share to you using deeper segmentation and customer experience development tools and insights.

The deeper you go, the better you’ll understand opportunity. Those new segments that are viable, should deliver new opportunities to grow your customer portfolio profit-mix potential when others are still taking macro stances towards markets.

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Rockface gems for CEO’s

Rockface gems for CEO’s and senior corporate leaders in my opinion are those simple things that can save and make you money.

You’re the CEO. MD. The GM. The boss cocky. You’re accountable for results. Profitable growth. Customer success. Safety. Corporate social responsibility and a whole lot more.

And the buck stops with no-one else except you for governance, compliance, best-practice, efficiency, and a bunch of other stuff.

But, how do you overview the important dynamics?

Morale? People living the vision or not? Attention to detail. Emerging customer needs? Waste. Inefficiency. Useless initiatives.

Opportunities to be disruptive through new customer engagement and innovative business models that could change the future for you?

Do you walk your talk? In the marketplace? Inside your business?

When was the last time you had a flash of insight. A WOW opportunity that emerged from working at the rockface?


The Australian Bureau of Statistics in their 2014/15 release – Innovation in Australian Business (ref: 81580DO008_201415 ) published some interesting data.

In manufacturing, it appears from their data that the most important driver of innovation in the competition, demand and market-related reason space; is profit-related reasons.


But the second most important driver was “be at the cutting edge of the industry”.


In my opinion, you don’t get to be at the cutting edge; unless you have damned good market, competitor and consumer/user consumption-trend scanning processes in place first. And then, go looking.


Professional director and seafood industry leader Grahame Turk, A.M. says ” I’ve always believed in leading from behind, unless you are going through a minefield when you should be at the front.

When you are supporting from the rear, listen to those up front. They see things you can’t see. Spend time with them and you will be rewarded by gems that sometimes they don’t even recognise.

In my management career I have had incredibly valuable advice from machine operators in the factory, front line salespeople, design engineers, truck drivers, receptionists……..the list goes on. Just make sure you listen, not just hear. Sometimes the sounds are different!” he concluded.


Harry Petropoulos, Director at performance consultants – redPILL – says “during the past 30 years, I’ve had the privilege of meeting and working with some exceptionally talented people. These people have tended to come from vastly different backgrounds; have operated across a spectrum of professions and/or industries and have delivered enormous value to their respective organisations and contributed to their wider community in a variety of ways.

We’ve all met people like these. Sometimes they’re in leadership positions but more often than not, they’re in 2IC or customer-facing roles, buried deep in the engine room of the business, doing real work; their finger always on the prevailing pulse of the organisation; their behaviour constantly modeling the firm’s values and guiding principles.

While they may not get the big bucks, they are typically the backbone of their organisation. And they know what’s important to the company; they know where the gems are buried’” he concluded.


Pete Jeans, Chief Operating Officer at strategic mission-critical growth-project leader SMO Sydney says “There’s nothing like working at the rockface to pick up ideas that potentially morph into gems to create value for customers. I’ve done it. I do it all the time. But that’s easy in a small agile best-of-breed organisation. Larger scale outfits makes the challenges harder.”


Tony Simonsen, Managing Director – Australia & New Zealand – at industry leader in unified collaboration solutions – Polycom says “the coalface is a must for any new leader seeking to understand a new company; or for an existing leader seeking to better understand their customers, partners and market. I get as close as possible to the day-to-day activities of my teams without interrupting their rhythm.This gives me instant insight and access to current and potential customers; and allows me to ask valuable questions around our value proposition. Ultimately being at the coalface shifts you to a customer centric organization focussed on positive outcomes for all stakeholders” Simonsen said.


Maybe you do this now? Perhaps not regularly. But maybe frequently enough to be engaged sufficiently throughout your organisation and market segments, to have a good feel for what’s right and what needs reviewing.

Jeans’ view is that he’s been lucky enough to work for leaders who made a point of getting involved in downstream customer engagement activities. Simple stuff. Sales promotion. Key customer presentations. Discussions with major specifiers. All fundamental opportunities to listen and learn, watch and absorb, question and confirm.

He says “I reckon we all have a responsibility to work at the rockface from time to time. In the field. In front of customers. Inside factories, processing plants. Call centres.

The added-value from investing some time alongside the troops …means you can experience feedback first-hand as well as the frustrating anomalies….and fix them quickly.

 Odds on, your competitors’ senior management are in the trenches already.”

Are you?

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Key Marcomms Governance

Pete Jeans says there are profitable growth opportunities right under your nose if you know how to look for themMarcomms governance – it’s key. Are your current marketing and communications operational protocols adequate to mitigate risk? Read my latest article on governance here

The level of rigour applied to standard operations policies and procedures should  arguably also be applied to marketing and communications activities in our 24/7 digitally connected world. Not to do so is folly.

We’re experts at helping organisations integrate marketing and communications governance into their businesses and organisations at reasonable cost.

Please call me on Australia +61 (0) 432 113 930.

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Transformation…where to?

In a major article published in Industry Update magazine,  Pete Jeans poses: Does transforming need a cultural shift towards customer-centric approaches to markets?

Who’s contributing?

Phil Ruthven ( IBISWorld ); Jim Snelson (Borg Manufacturing); Iggy Pintado (SAS) and Pete Jeans (SMO Sydney) share their insights around business transformation drivers and key issues.

Please click through the link below

Business Transformation in Australia: Where are we heading?


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Jeans leads AIM M4M

Pete Jeans is sharing his wide commercial experience and  strategic insights. He is the lead facilitator for the Marketing for Managers course at the Australian Institute of Management in Sydney.

Why support the AIM?

Jeans said  “this opportunity is a significant chance to guide future leaders in their chase for profitable growth through best-practice processes and applied insight”.

Pete Jeans’ higher-education students are undertaking a MBA at the AIM.


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disruption explained

This presentation puts disruption into proper context; and explains the leading commentators’ views on what disruption is and does.

It creates an opportunity for you to question whether disruption is well understood in your organisation and provides source-material for review.

It is by no means a comprehensive or exhaustive presentation; but should point you in the right informed direction.

We are about to enter a hugely disrupted world. What we have seen so far is just the bare top of an iceberg of opportunity.

Please contact me here to learn more about how to identify profitable growth opportunities.


Pete Jeans

Chief Operating Officer

SMO Sydney

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2016 Outlook…by Phil Ruthven at IBISWorld

In his 2016 Outlook, Phil Ruthven from IBISWorld makes sense of  our complex economic environment…compulsory reading…which indicates a slightly better year than those past.

What does he conclude?

“In conclusion, 2016 will be another slow growth year; just a bit better. But an important year to start addressing the malaise in our economy of nearly 10 years as a result of poor leadership, lack of reforms in IR and taxation, insufficient innovation and patchy productivity. Nearly everybody knows this; it is just a case of getting on with it.”

Click through this link for his full text.




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Not consultants. We’re strategic project leaders.

standout from the crowd

Founded in 1992, SMO Sydney creates profitable growth at much much better value because we have sustainable competitive advantage for clients through our lower-cost business model; deep industry sector knowledge; best-practice processes and proven results.

SMO Sydney’s strategic project leadership across winning strategies and hands-on implementation has included assignments around business growth, supply chain, market entry, working capital optimisation, operational management, business unit rationalisation, pricing re-alignment, distribution engagement, new market evaluation, competitor profiling and many other key projects where client organisations don’t have internal capability.

Why are we different and better?

We work inside our clients’ businesses…on the business with the management team. This creates immediate positive engagement, credibility and trust; and harnesses the intellectual horsepower around the teams that leverages innovative and effectives outcomes much more quickly.

Why should you consider using SMO Sydney?

Most leaders have their preferred advisors. The questions I would ask are “has your profit and market position improved in line with your expectations ?”

Perhaps its time to consider strategic project leadership? Please get in touch here.

Pete Jeans. Chief Operating Officer. SMO Sydney.


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