26 years of creating success

26 years of creating success

Pete Jeans. Chief Operating Officer. SMO Sydney


2018 celebrates 26 years of creating success for clients. Back in 1992, we started small and thought big. How can we create value for clients in complex markets?

The answer was best-practice strategic processes.


But most importantly, we decided to focus on the implementation side.

Clients wanted mission-critical strategic growth-project leadership when their talent is already committed on other tasks; or when incumbents don’t have the potential to deliver; or they needed deep and wide experience with fresh independent strategic eyes to drive results quickly; or they  needed absolute confidential arms-length resources to maintain anonymity on a key project; or their in-house professional marketing capability is underweight.

We delivered the solution; and still are.

Thankyou so much to our clients, Associates, staff, suppliers, supporters and business network. Our celebration  is because of you.

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About the Author:

Pete Jeans delivers difficult and complex growth project leadership. Pete has extensive mission-critical strategic project leadership and advisory experience in the corporate and public sectors; and is also a Facilitator in Marketing at the AIM MBA Business School and is also a sessional lecturer in Leadership, Asia Pacific Business, HR Management as well as Project Management and other key subjects at Charles Sturt University.